Love Letters

I Will Help You Again


A love letter from the Father



Allow Me to relieve your stress and melt away the pressure. Place all of your troubles into My arms and let Me take over. Pour out your heart to Me–let go of it all—the good and the bad.ย 


Everything will all be okay–things will turn out favorable. Give Me those fears, worries, and things that you need. Give Me your requests and those things that you want to see happen.ย 


As you release yourself from those unwanted burdens, like a hot air balloon becoming lighter than the air outside, you will easily rise into the fulfillment of your desires.ย 


Trust in My love to always make a way. My love is so extravagant, it reaches higher than the heavens! My loyal compassion is so astonishing, it stretches to the skies!


Keep your mind on a good outcome and concentrate on seeing the fulfillment of your hopes. Donโ€™t look down with a negative thought–but keep rising towards the sun.ย 


Youโ€™ll see that I will keep My promise, so donโ€™t lose your confidence just yet. I am enlarging your land and extending your borders—just as I have always promised. Iโ€™ll love you, bless you, and increase you with more than you have imagined!ย 


Oh, how I love you! I will help you again. I will rescue you from the threats of fear and from the materialization of every dread. This situation will turn out just as you hope–and even better than you planned.ย 



Scribed by Dannette Lynn



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