Love Letters

Sudden Turn-Around


A love letter from the Father


Allow Me to speak with tenderness and kindness to your heart; as One who comforts those who mourn. Just remember, I will always come through for you, even when it looks like I won’t. So rise up and take back your confidence because you will love this even more! 


Wipe the tears from your eyes and look up to Me with hope again. I am turning the struggle into a blessing–with a sudden and unexpected surprise. You can anticipate the fulfillment of what you hope for and the opposite of what you fear to happen. 


A single faith-filled thought can turn this whole day around! Only allow yourself to think of a positive outcome and dwell in the expectations of what you hope. I can do anything, you know—even more, than you could even dream! 


Your faith in Me is like a lavender flower fully grown. You can survive the most relentless drought without water and create the sweetest honey from nectar. Nothing will be impossible for you and in a single moment–everything can turn around. 


Let your thoughts of faith spread out like lavender blooms, taking over the blazing hot sun and the inferno of the dry soil. You will prosper and be blessed as you believe again, like lavender flowers that soothe burns and relieve anxiety and stress. 


A happy heart is a good medicine and a joyful mind brings healing. Enlarge your expectations and become joyous with hope. Don’t underestimate the good things that I have planned, but prepare to be filled with far more than you can imagine or ask. 


I am bringing you rest and comfort from your pain and struggle. It will be like being bathed in the nourishment of vitamin-enriched milk with the soothing healing of pure lavender oil. 


I will care for you always and make you feel whole and happy again. Instead of walking through the difficult paths, you will recline at the table of generous provisions straight from My hand. 


This transformation will be indescribable! You will experience My intentional goodness in a way that you never have. It will be like starting completely over as you experience all things new and improved. 


Stay joyful and expectant for the arrival of good news, there will be a sudden turnaround!  I will surpass the delights of the past and deliver soothing relief from the troubles that you have had.


I will always help you! Oh, how I love you! My blessings for you are tumbling out of the skies and into your hands. Like plentiful rows of rich lavender fields, I am filling the enlarged place of your faith with tangible fulfillment of what you hope to happen. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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