Love Letters

Not Lost At All


A love letter from the Father



You have had your share of troubles and you are familiar with being low and emptied out. But take heart! My promise to you is your personal victory, so do not grieve over how things seem at the moment. 


The things that appear to be lost are not lost at all. I am mending up your broken heart and restoring you with more than you have ever dreamed or thought. Pick your chin up, dear heart, and hope again. This is not over yet, My beautiful darling. 


Watch and see, as I personally escort you in to your promise. I will rescue you with My mighty hand and calm you with My comforting love. Although you were hit when you were down, I am raising you up into luxury with plenty of room to breathe and relax. 


My glory will arise with explosive power out of your weakness–nothing is too difficult for Me to overcome. I beckon the ocean and it rises up and I ladle blessings onto the earth.


With My outstretched arm, I will deliver what I have promised–just to show you how relentlessly you have been loved. 


I know that you are ready and you have waited for so long. But put a smile back on because are getting a sigh of relief–and that Divine encounter that you have been longing to have!


Don’t you know that I enjoy giving rest to those that I love? I am making good on My word and delivering the royal treatment as I express My generous love. Good things will start to show up so fast and you won’t even have a chance to take it all in. 


I am making everything right again to amaze you in ways that you simply cannot comprehend. Everything has changed as you know it and what you thought was lost was not lost at all.


Your struggles are changing into relief as things start to come easier. You will be lifted out of the distress and enlarged with more love than you have ever known–or hope to know! 


Blessings will start pouring in–with gifts from My heart–everywhere that you look. I will fill you generously in every way, like abundant apples falling off of the tree and into your hands–with more than you can carry for yourself. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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