Love Letters

Light On This Situation


A love letter from the Father



I made this time very special with detailed plans made just for you. Remember what I have told you, “I will make good things happen for you”. I will show up to take care of you and honor My words. 


Every detail has come into place and every loose string has been cut and sewn together. I am taking you up to the higher ground with a spectacular upgrade–so go ahead get ready to be extra comfy.


Place your hand in Mine and rely on Me completely–without a doubt or hesitation. Don’t be afraid, I am always your shield and protector. I am smoothing the path from pain to comfort. Your reward for loyalty and trust is going to be immense! 


Let go of the pain of where you have been and make peace with the hardships of the past. Some of My personal gifts you would have never seen if you only experienced the views from the top. It was like exploring trails off of the beaten path and stumbling upon secret treasures that I hid away in for a special encounter with My devoted heart. 


Soak your soul in the pure streams of My love as you remind yourself what I promised that would happen. Allow yourself to escape into the promised dream and touch the reality of it with faith in your heart. 


My plans are to give you the future that you hope to have. It is not just a place, but a state of mind. The unfolding of My personal love for you will continue to pour out and you have been blessed for eternity.


Look at all of the wondrous things that I have promised. Imagine the greatness of what can become and take a picture with your mind. The places where you can go are unlimited!  It will be so good, so very good! 


To keep all of this goodness to Myself would be a waste. You are about to be blessed in an unimaginable way–with so much love! I am uncovering the experience of a comforting indulgence and wrapping your life in luxury at its best. 


I am releasing light on this situation so that you can see what I have been personally preparing for you. The surprise that I have made for you is leaking out! 


Every blessing that is being revealed to you is coming to you straight from My heart. You will soon see that this plan was handcrafted with care and it is all about the intentional love behind it.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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