Love Letters

At Any Moment


A love letter from Jesus



I know how hard it has been to wait, but I knew all about your needs before you cried out. I have already taken care of everything and My provisions are on the way. Take a deep breath and decide to trust Me once and for all.


I want you to know that you are not alone in this. I care about you with the deepest affections and I will never miss a detail–you can trust Me with your heart. I will not in any way fail you or leave you helpless without support.


Take a deep breath and release yourself from the rampant worries, like releasing an untamed horse into the wild. Let go of your fears, anxious thoughts, and doubts. Place every concern into My care. 


Nothing that you are afraid of will ever come. The flip side of what you fear is what you can expect to be done. My love will always flow in the opposite direction.


Rest your head on My shoulder and let your tears drip down. Exhale the sorrow that you have and rid yourself of the grudges from the past.


Give Me every possible outcome that terrifies you and wrap yourself deep in My heart. I will never hurt, beloved one. 


Close your eyes and calm your thoughts. Remember that My all-knowing presence is all around. I see your needs and the place of deep grief. I am the One who can reach the place of your pain where others cannot.


Relax into My intentional love as I alleviate the pressure. What I have for you is so elaborate and good that you will forget the time of discomfort.  I am cutting away the restrictions that have held you down. 


Draw close to Me and count on My goodness to suddenly come. Plan on excellent news to show up at any moment. What I have promised will happen just as I said. Things will flow smoothly and be easy from here on out. 



Written by Dannette Lynn


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