Love Letters

I Promise to Take Care of You


A love letter from the Father



I promise to take care of you. No longer cry over this thing–everything is going to work out perfectly. Even though it looks like there is nothing to help, allow Me to help you see clearly how this situation will turn out. 


The heart of the matter is this–My personal love will always come through to support you–no matter what. My goodness is attached to you, so don’t worry about a thing. I will come to your aid to give you relief. 


I will give you all that you need! The special promise that I made to you will never fail. It is a binding vow of loyalty and an indestructible love. Not only will I honor My words, but I will fill ALL of your needs with generous support. 


I will never–under any circumstance desert you–nor leave you wanting. I will not leave you helpless or forget to deliver My promise. I know where you are at all times and I am aware of everything that you are needing.


My dear child, I will never forget you. Let go of your worries as you release the resistance and take a rest from over-thinking. I can do anything–far more than what you have dared to consider.


Take a deep breath and exhale the stress. Relax your tensions and completely rest upon My promise with unwavering dependence. 


 I will suddenly open up a flood of relief, to give you immense comfort and wash away the anguish. My love never goes low–it never runs out. You will have more than enough of everything, as you float comfortably on My abundance. 


Plan for something wonderful to come. I can pour out blessings to you in astonishing ways and you’ll be overwhelmed and blessed by My big-hearted help! 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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