Love Letters

Because Anything is Possible.


A love letter from Jesus



Come closer dear, far away from your troubles and worries. Let Me protect you from the outside clutter and chaos. Get away from the pain as I help you unwind and breathe freely.  


Don’t worry so much about what will happen, I will always give you a chance to relax before a transition. My promise to you is a bond that will never be broken. It’s a never-ending supply of bottomless love and kind intentions. 


Pay no attention to enemy attacks. I will always support you and care for your needs–even more than you could ever imagine or ask. I am bringing you into more bliss than you can contain or fathom. 


Allow Me to keep you company as the winding paths of prophecies unfold. I will carry you home as we travel through the tunnels of love and tangible wonders of fairytale endings. 


I will sweep you off of your feet on this relaxing ride to escape your troubles. You will love this journey so much! You will feel the gentle breeze of continuous relief, as you smoothly rise up. It will be the best of luxury travel! 


This get-away offers the best views with plenty of freedom to unwind. Money will be no object, I have ensured that all expenses are covered. There will be plenty–even more than you expect so that you don’t run out. 


It will be beyond beautiful, like walking through pages of your favorite book. The height! The view! This is a celebration worth traveling for–as I make your dreams come true! 


Nothing is the way that it seems and suddenly everything will begin to change. Seasons can change in an instant and I can cause good things to arrive when it looks like they shouldn’t. 


I am the One who comforts you and gives you peace. So turn your attention back to what I have promised and revealed. Doors will open up that you have long given up and hidden riches will pour out from unexpected sources. 


What do you hope for? Let hope be the place where you keep your attention and thoughts–after all–hope is what faith is made of! Give Me your fears and then don’t think about it again. Think happy things and imagine the best coming to pass. 


My covenant with you cannot be broken, a promise of enduring love and support. No fear that you have will come to pass, instead, everything that you have hoped for is starting right now. 


Buckle in and put on a smile! We will swim through aquamarine water that shimmers like jewels–to ensure that your cup is full. I will wipe away the bitter days as we twist through a winter wonderland of whimsical lights to show you where miracles happen. 


You will learn to laugh again and I will comfort your taste buds with fresh-baked gingerbread decked with sweet icing. I will personally show you underground caves that secure secret riches.


You will breathe deep from the protective shade of a majestic forest and I will soothe your heart with the aroma of refreshing botanical gardens. You will be amazed to discover a skyline of mountaintop castles. 


You will be comforted once again from one of My best-kept secrets of hidden abundance. This is a celebratory splurge! So take the limits off of your mind and trust Me to faithfully show up–even before it is time. Expect to be surprised, because anything is possible on this ride! 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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