Love Letters

Held In My Comfort


A love letter from Jesus



There are treasures for you in this time; when the thick clouds of fears and troubles cause darkness and cast shadows on the ground. The threatening skies passing through only heighten and accentuate the rich hues of foliage of My promise to support you.ย 


Love comes from underneath–as the root sustains the branches. I am the sturdy root of refreshment that nourishes and supports you. Depend on the stability of My promise and intertwine your heart to My vows of ever-present help, like a tree branch being held in the comfort of My continuous love.


The promise is true, although not always visible to the eye. I will not desert you, under any circumstance. I am your true source of every comfort and I will bring relief from your troubles and distress.ย 


You will never be lacking and I will deliver extra comforts of fresh nourishment. Iย  go before you step by step to prepare for your journey ahead. You will be well provided for and thoroughly protected from every mode of attack.


Rely on My enduring love, the support of My love never fails. You can rest your soul from dreading the worst, instead, you can anticipate the best. Nothing that you fear will happen–and that is My promise.ย 


Relax into My care and let go of every worry. Cast yourself into My love with total abandon and make My promises the center of your attention. Choose to only think about what you hope to be done and cut off every thought of a negative outcome.ย 


With the sweetest release, lay yourself upon the foundation of My promise and enjoy yourself. I will keep you safe, secure, and carefully tended to by the vigorous waters of My support and protection.ย 


Everything that you need will come effortlessly. Your supply will never dry up or fade away–because everything that you do will prosper and remain. You are heavily blessed!ย 


I will ensure that you are overwhelmed with an abundance–infinitely beyond your highest prayers and desires!ย You are starting to rise into such fullness and depth of magnificent blessings.ย 


From being so far hidden from your eyes, the treasures that were concealed in the darkness are coming into the light. Oh, the treasures that are coming out–an incalculable amount! I will give you treasures of wealth and protect you in the heights of My never-ending love.


Things will be better than you think! You will walk through this time leisurely amused by the abundant gifts that My personal love brings and gather flowers of tangible promise into your arms. Promises are starting to manifest–with such beauty–and it will seem like a dream being realized.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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