Love Letters

Trust My Love

A love letter from the Father



Just because nothing seems to be moving, doesn’t mean it’s not. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay. Have a little faith in Me, I will not forget you in the time of your need.


Oh beloved, don’t be afraid of falling. I will help you find your way when you cannot see the path ahead. Nothing that terrifies will ever be done because I have you protected all around. 


Let Me catch the tears as they drop and tell your heart to be still because I will carry you through this. I am the sturdy bridge of support to hold you up. I am the comfort that you can count on when you feel alone and forgotten. 


Have high expectations and think about what you hope to be done. I will give you everything that you need–even more than you thought. Live in the joy of My intentional love as I carry you over every hurdle. 


Nothing can ever separate you from My love—My vow of loving support will never fail or stop. I will move beyond your expectations to deliver all that you need–even above and beyond. 


You can count on My faithful protection and loving provision to remain constant always. I will always be with you and provide you with help. You will be refilled and comforted–just as you hope. 


Trust My love, as the starlight that leads the way. You are recovering your losses now, like a brand new star formed from the leftover gas and dust. You are stepping into a brand new day.


The pain of the past is transformed into the materialization of the dreams that you loved and lost. Things will be even better than before. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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