Love Letters

Not How It Looks


A love letter from the Father



Just breathe and relax the tensions from your shoulders. Everything will be better than you hope. I am walking alongside you to provide you with security and deliver continuous comforts.Β 


Even if the ground that you are walking on begins to shift or crumble apart, the beauty of My promise will live on and continue to hold you in stable support.Β 


Trust My love not to fail you and remind yourself how much I have done for you already. Remember the unbreakable promises that I have given–even before you ever started out on this journey.Β 


My loving support will never give up on you or slow down or fail to be consistent. I will always tenderly love you–every step of the way. My favorable blessings follow you and await you, everywhere that you go.Β 


I am making your life easier to give you peace of mind. I am guarding all that matters to you and surrounding your life with the seclusion of personalized support.Β 


All things are not as they seem and it is not how it looks. I have saved some of the best blessings to help you through this time. Yes! I will do just as you have asked, with an early relief to lift you back up.Β 


Even though this time looks like it will be unpleasant on the outside, there is so much more than meets the eye. Like an uncomely-looking geode rock, there is a plethora of sparking jewels stored deep within.Β 


I have gone ahead of you to smooth the rough edges out and I have ensured that doors effortlessly open up. I will cause this situation to become so much better than it looks right now.


Concealed beauty will be revealed from the inside out, as you think as though your promises have already been done, and trust in the joy of positive outcomes. Let hope burst forth from within you and start to expect to see what you prayed for.Β 


You will be overwhelmed by the beauty that is coming out. This is a time for you to heal, recover, and begin afresh. Ripples of light-shimmering water will start to cascade out to reflect My devoted love in a way that is tangible.Β 


I am about to show you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as I carve out huge tunnels of unexplored wealth. I will show you the way! You will be in awe of the enormous beams of gypsum and the translucent columns of underground provisions.Β 


There are so many riches that are about to be revealed! I will send even more than you need–above and beyond–so that you can relax and treasure this moment. I will personally open them up, like opening up an amethyst geode cave to reveal new wonders.


Just as the dull-looking hollow rock is filled with sparkling splendors, where there looks to be nothing to help, I am coming through with some of the biggest surprises that you have ever known are dared to consider!Β 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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