Love Letters

Nothing to Fear



A love letter from Jesus



Don’t be afraid, My dear. Don’t despair, My little darling. Calm your thoughts and listen to Me, I am right here to help you. I will save you from everything that you fear happening and I will hold you above the treacherous threats of undesirable outcomes. 


I know that what you are facing is huge, but I want you to know that I will take care of it for you. I have wrapped you in My tender care and surrounded your life with My favor as a shield. 


Release the weight of every fear and need onto Me and I will hold you up with steady relief. I am watching over you and what I promised will emerge. You can always count on Me, and My dependable love.


I won’t leave you to suffer, but I will respond. You will have everything that you need and with much left over to enjoy for yourself. After all, I am the One who has hold of your right hand, and whispers in your ear, “Don’t be afraid. I will help you”. 


I have heard your prayers and I will deliver all that you have asked for! I will love you and bless you with an increase of comfort and personal love. You’ll see gentle pools of relief rising up to ease you from the weariness of walking through hardships. 


You’ll stay securely nestled in My arms, like a baby who is delicately nourished and comforted. I will show you so much compassion in your painful predicament. You’ll be hugged with plenty of love, as I carry you along. 


My dependability can be trusted time after time. You will never be disappointed in expectations of faith. You will be extra blessed and comforted, for your sacrifice of dependence and trust. 


I will deliver My generous love and make good on My words. I will bless you in everything you do because of My generous support. Blessings will tumble onto you and I will flood you with wealth from all over the world. 


You will be refilled and comforted–again and again–and I’ll do what I promised I’d do! I will show up with even more than you have asked–beyond the capacity of what you have ever believed or envisioned.


I am sending you little upgrades that will change everything and you’ll be relieved by the generous blessings that I am pouring out. You have nothing to fear and you will see how faithfully you have been loved all along.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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