Love Letters



A love letter from the Father



I am fully aware of what you are needing. I will show up to take care of you–just as I promised. My words will never change or fail to support you. I will protectively care for you, My faithful friend. 


There is still hope for today–anything can happen–even now! Everything that you hope for comes from Me, so why not? Just call–and I’ll answer! 


The canopy of provision may seem too high to reach, like tall branches with clusters of leaves. Yet there is a movement happening just for you–deep underneath the ground. I have an underground network ready to help you! 


There is plenty here for you, even though you cannot see it. I have already enforced a lifeline to support you and it has been concealed, like tree roots hidden under the dirt. 


It is a network of sharing My love, just like the trees share nourishment with the fungi. The tall trees pass the sugars from the sunlight through the tiny root tips and into the microscopic fungi.


The sugars fuel the fungi to absorb the nutrients from the rich plentiful soil and the fungi release the nourishment back up to the trees to help sustain them in their time of distress. 


You are connected to My promise to love and support you. I will send the rain that you need–the water to saturate the soil. My personal love is forming a circle around you to cover all that you are needing–and in plenty of time. 


Stay full of hope and relax. Be serene and calm without a worrisome thought. Without a care in the world, trust in My love. I know what you need even better than you know yourself. 


Soar above this circumstance and into a fairytale land, with elevated hopes and alert expectancy. Just imagine yourself immersed in an abundance and fully satisfied with the fulfillment that you hope to be done. 


You will not be left empty and in need, but you will expand with plenty. I will help you out and give you breathing room to spread out. You will always have more than enough–no matter what you are facing. 


My miracle-wonder will show up just as you hope and My intentional love will far exceed anything that you have ever known—or ever hope to know. As a matter of fact–you will not be able to contain all of the goodness that I am pouring out!


There is more to come, just wait until you see what I do next! I will fill you to the brim with a plethora of provisions and I will surround you with My personalized and loving network of support. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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