Love Letters

Smooth Sailing


A love letter from Jesus



I love you and I will protect you from the fear of being disappointed. I have seen your flare for help and I am sending quick relief. I won’t let you hurt anymore in this way, so let your mind drift into this new romantic way of living.


Inhale the salty ocean breeze and allow your mind to be at ease. It will be smooth sailing from here, you are turning in a better direction. You’ll be leaving behind the days of suffering and anguish. You cannot sail without water–and there will be plenty. 


Prepare yourself for the sweetest reward, as the desire of your faith floats to the surface. There will be no regrets this time. Open your heart and flow with generous faith. 


I will ensure that what you release floats back to you with even more than where you started. My love will never run out and the flow of My provisions will never end. Expect love, love, and more love! 


All that you need will begin to pour in easily. Fresh provisions are flooding in–the water is already rising. There will be even more than you think, as I come delivering extra surprises. It’s love! It’s love! The waters My generosity are lifting you up again.  





Scribed by Dannette Ward



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