Love Letters

Confidence Beyond Measure


A love letter from the Father




You are constantly connected to My loving provision and loyal protection–even when you don’t see it. I knew about your needs, even before you did. Settle into a deep sense of faith and trust that all that you desire will be richly provided. 


Don’t be worried or in dread over what will happen next. Tell your heart it is safe to beat again. Take a deep breath, the hardship that you have endured is over. You are safe in My care and the suffering is over. 


Allow your breathing to relax to the sound of My heart. Nothing that you fear will come, instead, I have granted your request for the opposite outcome. 


The shame that you have known has been removed. This moment has been created–brand new! Be at peace, My dear little one. Things will turn out even better than you envisioned and with little effort on your part. 


There are no limits to what I can do! I have created you for greatness–to rise far above your circumstances and into the dreams that I have given to you. 


You can soar over every negative problem with the optimism of faith-filled thoughts, like fluttering above a barb-wire fence that attempts to keep you out. 


Be attentive and aware of the thoughts that you think, because that changes everything. Disconnect from every worrisome thought and do not entertain the option of a bad outcome.


Worries are focused thoughts about what you don’t want to happen and hopes are focused thoughts on what you desire to happen. Stay elevated above every worry with thoughts of hope and faith. 


Everything will come to you as smooth as silk! I will show up perfectly to meet your needs time and time again. You’ll be refilled again and again, from the cisterns of My endless love. You can rely on My promise to hold you up. 


I have heard your plea and I have secured the answer that you are hoping to see. Let go and trust Me to deliver what you have asked. Before you even asked, an answer was given. Even while you were speaking, I released the provision.


Experience confidence beyond measure, as you always believe Me to do the very best for you! I have blessed you in whatever you think or do! Although you had little before, you are increasing immensely. 


I’ve got a surprise for you–something wonderful that you have prayed for has arrived. You won’t be able to contain your joy! All who see what I did for you will be happy too! 


You can count on Me to match your expectations with a fulfillment that is greater than you ever could ask,  imagine, or hope. Good news will be delivered soon and gifts from My heart will fall right into your lap–just like that! 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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