Love Letters

It’s Not What You Think


A love letter from Jesus



Lovely one, this time is not what you think. I have hidden resources that are emerging to give you relief.  I am here to deliver a message of solace, in this place of feeling pressed past your limits and absorbed with grief.


I know every detail of what you need and I am fully aware of every worry that has been draining your peace. You can be secure and unafraid, even in this place of unsettled waters. 


You will not be deserted in your place of need and dependence. I will compassionately remember what I promised to do and I will always be here to deliver the fulfillment to you. 


Things are much better than they seem and there is beauty hiding behind the scenes. My love is reaching to the surface to calm your nerves and deliver some much-needed comfort. 


There is still hope for your prayers to be answered. Don’t worry, I am a very good helper! Keep your hopes up, there is so much more to come. I will relieve your heartache and bring a smile to your face.


My love is reaching to your rescue–with goodness that far exceeds anything that you have ever known. There is nothing that I cannot see and I have already planned ahead to give you the outcome that you are hoping to have. 


I am refilling your life with tangible expressions of My love and I have protected you with precious jewels so that you no longer lose or suffer the same troubles. Oh, you will be so happy and dwell in peace!


This time will be much different and no one will trouble or abuse you–and you’ll have no more worries! You will forget these troubles of yours, they will pass beneath your memory, like a fleeting drop of water flowing into a gigantic river. 


Don’t be sad by how things seem, it is not what you think. This is the beginning of something wonderful and it only gets better!  Expect My blessings to pour out and stay cool and confident. 


This is your comeback from traveling through bitterness and agony. The most beautiful days are here now–even if you cannot yet see them. I am going to show you a love like you have never known and you will be comforted by receiving the materialization of your heart’s longings.


Be full of hope for this time, you cannot even contain the number of blessings that I am pouring out! You’ll finally be able to sit back and take it easy. You’ll exhale and breathe deeply–without a single worry. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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