Love Letters

Revealing the Hidden


A love letter from the Father 



Take a deep breath and quiet your thoughts. I am now revealing the hidden workings of My intentional love. You will see what I have been doing behind the scenes and you’ll discover My fingerprints in every detail. 


You will see My unseen movements as I suddenly open up paths that held you back. I will cause the light of My love to shine over the areas of sadness. You will be refreshed and soothed to know that things were never what you feared. 


Bring your focus back into the center of My promise. Touch the grass and hear the wind blowing through the trees. Listen to the birds and remind yourself of the devoted songs that I sing. Allow My words to rest like dew on your skin. Soak in the warmth of My love and take it all in. 


My dear, I love you so much and I have very good things to show you. Don’t worry—I will guide you in this journey and I will show up with a helpful rescue. I am reinforcing My loving intentions to support you. 


You can always count on My unconditional love–My presence is wrapped around every detail that concerns your heart. I won’t let you go–I am the security of your hopes! 


Lay your needs and prayers before Me and become light as a feather. Trust Me to answer your requests and reach your roots deep into the waters of My peace and love. I have made this time sacred, as I show you My loyalty, favor, and love. 


Look for the rainbow and remember My promise. Keep My words continually in your mind and implant them deep in your heart. Fix your thoughts on happy outcomes and expect the best from My personal love. 


Everything is not what it seems, the negative perceptions of this situation are not a reality. You will soon see that there was no reason to feel bad. Don’t ever doubt it–I am on your side! I will cause this attack to be an outlet for the most outrageous blessings! 


Although you were hit during a vulnerable time, I will raise you up with excessive honor as you delight in being saved. Those who tried to injure you on this journey will fall to their face–humiliated and embarrassed. 


You are so blessed and others will be blessed as they bless your progress. I have reserved this as a special moment for you and now your reputation will grow and flourish. You will be a blessing and an example to others of the benefits that come from trusting My words. 


You won’t be embarrassed for yielding to My voice. Instead, you will smile as I bathe you in My endless support. I am breaking you through these troubles and breaking up the fight. You will feast on My generous love and I will fulfill My promise! 


See beyond the uncertainties, as the flowers start to bloom. Have faith in your prayers, as you lean into My heart. I will amplify your intentions by exceeding your expectations. You’ll prosper more and more until you become enormously wealthy. 


You are increasing significantly, as I bless your faith in action. Those who once mocked you will see it and change their opinions. Together you will rejoice over My gift of an immeasurable fortune! 


I am rising like the sun to reveal the treasures that I have hidden. I’ll warm you with My loyal love and vindicate you with My protective affections. I’ll bless you–oh how I’ll bless you–and I will deliver twice more than you have asked or imagined! 






Written by Dannette Lynn

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