Love Letters

Another Level


A love letter from Jesus



Breathe, dear heart. Things are not truly as they appear or seem. This is a time for blessings and revenge against your enemies. Don’t believe the lies that there is no more support or nothing good for you. It is quite the opposite! 


You have reached another level and there will be even more blessings than you have ever known or encountered. I will provide extra comfort for your sorrow and relieve you from spinning in frustration. 


Don’t be afraid! I will rescue you from your strong enemies and from those who desire to harm you. I will fight on your behalf while you watch in silence. I am your mighty warrior in times of trouble.


Take a leap off of the cliff-edge of doubt and fly like a bird by trusting in the support of My promise. Soon you will get the hang of flying and you’ll trust even better. Trust the process and follow My ways with total dependence.


I am revealing an entirely new perspective to give you a life that you adore and cherish. I will be here to comfort you and show you the tenderness of My compassion. You’ll be wrapped in manifestations of My love–even in the midst of every attack. 


Take a load off as you float carelessly over air pockets of easy blessings. Shift the weight of your burdens into My hands as I change the direction of this journey into a favorable outcome. 


Every detail of your life is always before Me. Don’t worry–I have protected you from every angle. You are always cradled in the palm of My hand. 


I am breaking through the restrictions to give you rest on all sides from the exhaustion of warfare. You’ll be covered in comfort from corner to corner. There is nothing bad that will happen for you or those who you have placed into My concern. 


I have given you wings of newfound freedom so that you can rest easy. There is nothing that can separate you from the continuous fulfillment of My promise. Explore My endless love–reach the heights! Fly into the sunset and experience higher limits. 


Get what you love with faith-motivated thoughts and sing as if you have already obtained what you have asked for. Become like a little child again and use your imagination to soar thousands of miles above the ground. 


Trust Me as the pilot to carry you safely over every fearful outcome. Love is the opposite of fear, so plan on Me to continuously deliver what you hope to happen instead.


I will keep you aloft by causing updrafts of air to continuously flow over the wing. Although you have endured much discomfort, now you will encounter My love in ways beyond anything that you have previously known.


The negative troubles that you have will soon be redirected into something exceedingly good and you’ll encounter a major rise as I give you a thermal lift of the morning glory. 



Don’t be distracted by how this situation seems. I am bringing you into a much-needed time recovery to allow you to heal. Here you will see the emergence of your soul’s desire and you will grasp it entirely with both hands. 



The view will be tremendous and you’ll be captivated by the serenity. With a deep sigh of relief, you’ll be able to enjoy life on another level. You can expect to be loved, and loved, and loved some more! 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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