Love Letters

Extra Dose of Love

A love letter from the Father



You have prepared for this moment for a very long time. You planted your roots deep and intertwined them through the stability of My words and personal promises. Good food requires good soil and you have done the work. You know how to move by faith and you have grown confident in My active participation. 


Rest in My love as your true source of power. No longer allow yourself to feast on fear, pain, or sorrow. I love you and I will watch over you always–like a bird protecting its young. I will cover you in My protection and cause My favor to constantly surround you. 


Be at peace about what will happen. Encase your heart around the surety of My promise. Allow your thoughts to twine and grip the guaranteed outcome, like roots that expand and search for a home among the rocks and nourishing soil.


Be soothed and comforted by the vows that I made. Feel the ancient depths of My love flooding your mind, like the veins of a tree. I will comfort you and empower you with the freedom that you crave. 


Who is like Me, powerful and faithful from every angle? Those oppositions and motives that have been against you will soon fall away like a rotted tree in both directions. The roots will dry out underneath and the branches above will wither off. 


Now you will blossom into fulfillment and grow fresh branches. The world will be deeply moved and absorbed by the sweetness of your fruit because you are deeply rooted in Me and constructed upon My promise. 


Your faith in Me has granted your request. Inhale My peace and be alleviated of the distress. Just go ahead and walk by faith with what you’ve been given. As you start moving, more will emerge from the shadows of the unseen and into a tangible substance. 


Rise up with your thoughts, like a flower reaching towards the sun. Only think about what you hope to happen and trust Me for a favorable outcome. Plumb the depths of My all-present love and rise to the heights! You’d be amazed what I am capable of, after all, I am the best at surprises! 


You are firmly planted in promise and the love I have given to you will never stop growing. I am taking you into extravagant dimensions of My inexhaustible riches and unwavering provisions. 


Doors are opening up and I am going to put on a public display of My marvelous love. I’ll keep you safe away from your enemies–just as you have requested. You will indulge in the most delectable fruits and enjoy many good things at last. 


 I am the One who delivered you into this land of abundance. You’ll stand in awe before Me, as I envelop your life with the glory of My love. You will prosper from My help as I show you the countless displays of My love–in more ways than you can imagine. 


The time ahead is very promising, even better than you know. I will fill your every need and I will show you an extra dose of My personal love. Yet again you will sink your roots down deep and raise up your favorite fruit. You will taste My goodness–just as I have promised. 






Written by Dannette Lynn

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