Love Letters

No More Suffering


A love letter from Jesus



Always walk with your head held high. You are constantly connected to My promises. I will protect you under My wings and provide you with an abundance, even when you are besieged with fears from your enemies. 


I will lift you out of the onslaught of troubles and I will abort the plans of those who are plotting against you. Nothing sent against you will be materialized or nor will the wicked see their hopes realized.


You will only see My promises rise into fulfillment as I continue to bless you, and bless you, and bless you! 


Don’t worry about how you will cover your needs or how you will get by. Trust in the support of My endless supply. Look at the birds who do not store for winter nor plant plentiful gardens, yet they are always fed in a wonderful abundance. 


You are even more precious to Me than that, of course, I will look after you! I am the hand that provides for you, like giving bread to the ducks and worms for the birds. 


I send the rains of My love to make the worms come out and the worms are a bird’s most favorite food. You will have more than enough to cover your needs and you will enjoy refreshing streams instead of drought.


You are different from the rest and I promise to be your home forever. You’ll be immersed in My healing comforts–even with a full measure–and you will rest securely in My delicate care forever. 


Allow the songs of My loving intentions to be louder than your fears. Pour out the pain from your pressing needs before Me and be free from the suffering of not having this longing. 


Cover your agony with the joy of receiving. Your troubles will be wrapped in the victory of answered prayers instead of sorrow and sadness.


Because you have suffered so deeply, even beyond the grave itself, the joy of your request will be doubled. I am sending you twice as much! 


Build your thoughts upon hope, like a bird making a nest by streams and singing upon the branches. Everything has changed now and I am going to reveal even more demonstrations of My kindness and love. 


I promise that you will be rewarded for what you’ve endured. Furthermore, I promise to always generously support you and your children. Everything that you need will be provided so that you can live comfortably. 


My loving support is dependable, regardless of what you are facing. No matter what–My provisions will never stop coming. You will continue to be blessed because My love support is unyielding, determined, and never-ending. 


The comforts of My love are coming to the surface to bring your hopes to pass, instead of your dreads and most feared disasters. So why fear the future? You are saturated in My favor and indestructible blessings! 


I am smitten for you! With such tenderness, like gentle whispers in your ear, I am giving lots of attention to the details. Oh, you are so loved—and you will be drenched in My loving-kindness. I will hold you in a place of comfort and answer your prayers, just as I promised. 






Written by Dannette Lynn






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