Love Letters

Surprises of Kindness


A love letter from the Father




Although you cannot see what will happen next or the twists and turns along the path, I will light the way and show you unordinary demonstrations of My protecting and provisional love. You will be rescued from every fear taking place. I will wrap you securely in the comfort of My help.Β 


I am elevating you into a wide-open place to give you beauty beyond words with plenty of space. You’ll be able to relax and unwind as you feast on a plethora of My personal support.Β 


So don’t be discouraged or afraid of what will happen next, because I will break through to save you all over again. All of your life is surrounded by a wall of My protection. Nothing that you fear will happen to you–so expect good news.Β 


Entwine your thoughts and emotions about what you hope to be done. Expect the best from Me and keep your hopes up. Don’t worry–dear one–this will only get better. You will stand amazed at the immensity of My love as I saturate you with favor.Β 


There is so much yet to be experienced, as I take you up the heights of My constant and endless provisions! Walk with confidence through the times of uncertainty and be ready to see more goodness than you have ever dreamed of or considered.


Anticipate an unrivaled experience with My ever-present love. You will be rescued from the shadows of dread and every imaginable threat. From out of sight, I will show up to deliver unbelievable surprises of kindness and the fulfillment of your hopes instead!Β 






Written by Dannette Lynn

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