Love Letters

The Revealing of Hidden Beauty


A love letter from the Father




Breathe, cherished child. It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry, everything will be better than you think. I am revealing hidden beauty from the places where you have been afflicted the most.Β 


Although you suffered very much from robbery and injustice, there is good news for the poor. I am enveloping you with tangible promise and soothing your soul with My calming beauty.Β 


I will personally care for you with the highest level of attention, like a farmer that nurtures and hand raises a Japanese koi fish. You will encounter great depths of tranquility and comfort, instead of feeling need or distress.Β 


The deep testing of your faith was needed, in order to wash away the lingering impurities of fear and doubt. Now you will be able to move with purity and freedom, like a koi fish swimming through the gentle streams and babbling ponds.Β 


Like traveling to Shimabara, you have endured the difficult pressures of the volcanic Unzen Hells. Your trust in My words was tested by the flames, where the acidic gasses bubble up from under the earth.


The ash of walking through pain and dishonor is being replaced with the emergence of unrivaled beauty. The unbearable heat will suddenly transform into the wintery wonderland of the desired fulfillment.Β 


You’ll be star-struck as My promises unexpectedly come to pass. The beauty of My plan will be uncovered, like beholding the shimmering beauty of golden koi fish swimming under the sun. Now you will be exuberant with confidence and there is nothing that can resist your rise.Β 


Despite what you are facing, there are no limits for Me. Blessings will come to you in different directions, from the east, and from the west. The wealth of the nations will come to you, like water pouring from the natural springs and into the ponds and waterways.


You are stepping into a time of beauty, where the agony melts into your favorite dream. I’ll place you up high, like setting you on the top of a five-tiered castle. You’ll see things change before your eyes, like watching the water-dwelling fish at the Shimeiso Spring Garden.Β 


Your life is changing rapidly from bad to good, like the azaleas turning pink during the transformation of spring. You will find freedom, delight, and enrichment as the treasures of My hidden beauty are revealed.Β 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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