Love Letters

Rest in My Care


A love letter from Jesus




Before you even knew about these troubles, I saw what would happen and I made a plan. I have wrapped you in the safety that you seek to protect you from the enemy’s hands. 


I will take care of you–I have it all planned out. You will not be ashamed or humiliated, instead, you will be honored with My love. I will give you a special time to recover from your troubles, as I bathe you in kindness and comfort.


Resist overthinking and trust in what I promised. There is nothing that can tear My devotion away from you. Worry is trusting in evil to be in control. Just relax through this, it is by not worrying that you can ensure a good outcome. 


I will attentively and discreetly take care of the concerns that you have placed into My hands. Have confidence in who I am for you and believe in the reliability of My personal love. 


Trust My plans as Sovereign and ignore the threats and thoughts of anything bad. You will experience peace and not evil. I will give you what you hope to be done–never forget that. 


I am right here to help you! Every part of your life is enclosed within My protection. I will be your strong defender and  My power will be expressed through your fragile need and child-like dependence. Rest in My care, dear little one, everything will turn out much better than you hope. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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