Love Letters

Sweet To Be Loved


A love letter from the Father



Don’t be sad anymore or inconsolable with worrisome thoughts. It will be alright, there is nothing that can hurt you now. You will be astonished by My attention to detail and generous help. 


I will be your Shelter through the storm and a mighty source of help. You are protected on all sides–have no worries. I am pulling everything together to give you the breakthrough of all time. 


I will solve your problems. I’m here and I won’t leave you now. Lay your cares down before Me from end to end. Don’t look down with thoughts of a negative consequence, because you will be amazed and excited by your success! 


Rest in My promises like a little bee napping on the flowers. Draw close to Me like a bee warming itself by the nectar source. I will hold you in the security of honor and comfort. Let out a sigh of relief, because you won’t be ashamed or embarrassed. 


Nothing that you fear will come to you and no harm will be done–because you have made Me your refuge and sanctuary of trust. I will hold you safely in My hands so that you do not crash or fall. 


I will deal with those who assaulted you and whose intentions for you were bad. You will only see the punishment of those who delight in evil, but you will not suffer because of it. 


This is the beginning of encountering things in a way that you never knew that you could. You will not be humiliated or suffer as you did before. The things that hurt you before will be turned away at your door and you will be blessed instead.


The ash of the pain that you have known has enhanced the soil for bigger blooms to be grown. The flames of devastation burned away the invasive kudzu weeds of constant afflictions. 


The ash blessed the soil of your promises with added nutrients that caused the plants to germinate faster. The affliction that you have felt has caused the thick seeds to crack, soak up water, and sprout up all at once. 


The intense trial that you endured will serve as your blessing and reward. Instead of being filled with shame, as you always have been, I am filling you with exaggerated honor and joy. I will make you famous all over the world, because of this story that I wrote. 


Beauty is coming to the surface. Seeds that I have secretly stored were triggered by heat to cause you to flourish. How sweet it is to be loved by Me–I will care for you with generosity in this very special moment. Right before your eyes–I will turn your worry into beauty–and fill your life with satisfying fullness again. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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