Love Letters

Everywhere That You Look


A love letter from the Father




There is no need to worry or be afraid. Be at peace. I will answer your cries with boundless grace and compassion. 


Don’t panic about what will happen. I am with you! Stay hopeful and expect good things. You will always get the best outcomes from Me! 


I will be your help and give you lasting happiness. Inhale My peace and remember that I am in control. Every detail of your life is always before My eyes. 


I will hold you safely in the palm of My hands, as I cause My goodness to flood you over and over again. 


You will be rewarded with extraordinary justice as I hold you securely in place and untouched by affliction.


Anyone who comes against you will only make a fool of himself and he will see how much you are loved. 


Your enemies will go away from you, though you look for them, they will be no more. I will care for you and protect you, as the cherished child that I adore.


 I will give you victory and success, as I show you the outward demonstrations of My endless love.  


Don’t feel so bad about your present conditions. You never know what is around the corner! 


I will care for all of your needs generously again and again with My loving provisions. You will be blessed outrageously, even more than you have ever been. 


Don’t be surprised if what you have been praying for comes too easily and if blessings pour out like water.


I will grant you plenty and fill you with tangible comforts–even more than you hope! Blessings upon blessings will rain down on you–everywhere that you look. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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