Love Letters

Love Instead of Dread


A love letter from the Father❤️



I am going the extra mile to show you that there is nothing to fear. You will be refreshed to discover the lengths that I have gone to help you feel peace and comfort. 


Like finding hand-wrapped gifts around every corner, you will pull every ribbon to discover more places where My personal devotion has you covered. 


I will never desert you or let you go–you can count on My promise to always keep you protected. Let go of your worries and relax, it will happen just as I have told you. 


Nothing will ever cause My promise to fail you. Because you have trusted Me, I will save you. Your worries will be turned into a place of blessing because I love you.  


This will be an immersive experience as you find that every outcome that you feared is replaced with something that you love instead. 


I will never abandon you or fail to deliver My promise, no, not ever. The night will be divided as I saturate you with peace in the eye of the storm. 


Think grand and be ready for the wonderful news. I am taking you higher to give you more breathing room, as My love takes over. 


I will overwhelm you with My goodness and you’ll prosper beyond your greatest hopes. I will take care of you with extra help so that you have more than enough left over to bless others. 


I am the best at creating joy! Only good will come out of this experience and I am opening a door to help you. Instead of receiving what you dread, you will encounter something that you will love instead! 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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