Love Letters

I’ve Got You!


A love letter from the Father




Tender heart, just relax. Take a deep breath and remember what I have promised. I have carried you all along and My vow to care for you will continue. Calm your heart and do not worry, I’ve got you! 


My promise to you still stands and there is nothing bad that will happen. You will not be embarrassed or ashamed. I will never relax My hold on you or harm you or your children. I will not in any way fail you, nor leave you without support. All of your life is before My eyes and you are permanently secured by the fulfillment of My promise. 


Take comfort and be encouraged, My darling child. My love will support you and continue without fail. I will show up to be the refuge that you have been dreaming of. I’ll place you in the security of extra comfort and surprise you with My generous love. 


Place your concerns into My hands and trust in the power of My presence. I have given you a promise and it is impossible for Me to lie. You can rely on My enduring support, no matter the season or time. My love will never give up on you and you will never fall from My sturdy support. 


There is no reason to be anxious for anything–I will bless you–even as you sleep. You can be confident and say, “The Lord is my Helper, I will not be in dread or terrified!”. 


Flying feels like falling at first. Let go of all of your doubts and trust–fall into My loving arms. Decide to eliminate every fear by choosing to only think upon My words. Risk it all for My sake and fall into My promise. Choose to take Me at My word and fly by faith with soaring confidence. 


Pray to Me and decide that it will be done. Dwell in the wonderful land of hope and trust that I can and will do anything. Believe that I will reward your faith to receive. Give your prayers to Me, turn them over completely, and let them be. If you don’t doubt, but trust that what you pray will take place, then it will happen. 


With absolute trust and confidence, believe in My power and goodness. Stay true to earnest expectation and be prepared for unexpected blessings! I will dazzle you with wealth hidden in unseen places as a splendid expression of love! 


The blessings that I brought to you before were not a one-time thing. My supportive love keeps growing and growing and is always increasing. 


You’ll be filled with the answer to your prayers and with even more than you expect. As the rain repeatedly falls, I will consistently bless you and multiply you! 


Go ahead and let go of your insecurities and worries. I’ve got you! I am going far beyond what you hope to lavish you with good things. 


It will exceed anything that you have ever known and you’ll be favored with blessings wherever you turn. There will be more than enough and more than there has ever been. It only gets better from here! 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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