Love Letters

A New Leaf Every Morning


A love letter from the Father



Everything will be fine. Just sit tight and trust that I have things handled. It’s time to start something new. Trust Me to bring you into a beautiful new beginning as I deliver something to give you comfort. 


I am always here for you when you need Me. I have chosen you and I will help you. Nothing that you fear will come to pass. Those worries are like trying to climb to higher ground to protect yourself from a Tsunami that isn’t even coming. 


Don’t be worried about your needs, I have everything planned. Like the Ashitaba plant, known as “tomorrow’s leaf”, after its leaf has been cut, it generates new life overnight with new leaves and stems.


Likewise, My promise to support you will never fail and My vow to love you will never end. You can always count on another leaf of My unending provisions to appear each morning–in every circumstance. 


Everything that feels unstable and out of control is falling right into place. Trust that I am intimately involved in blessing you day after day. Great is My faithfulness!


The negative things are not as they seem, an unexpected change will happen quickly. You will see My radiance appear, shimmering like light reflecting off of the water. I have crowned you with royalty and honor that will last. 


I have created a story for you that you will never forget. It is true that you have had more pain than you expected and more struggle than you could have ever anticipated. 


Your life may not have been how you thought it would be, but every detail is being used to maximize your blessings. One bad chapter is not the whole story. All things are coming together to give you better than you can hope or imagine.


Details of your destiny will be seen by those all around, as the beauty of My story, comes into full view. It will be more than you thought it would be and you will love it more than you ever dreamed that you could. 


Your comfort is a top priority to Me. What you have lost, I will Restore and your life will once again be one of true and excessive beauty. You will stand confident in knowing My intentional love, as you see what I have done.


You are in good hands, My dear, and the desires of your heart will come to you much easier than you think. Empty out the negative thoughts and feelings of worry and fear. Rejoice in your hopes because they are already yours!


My love is turning back the time, like turning back pages in a book. I will rewrite your story in the miracle power of My love. Your beauty will be renewed–with more than your heart has ever explored. 


I will bring you back from your loss and pain and you will see the light of My life blooming forth all around you. The lost things will be restored and you will begin again–and thrive!


My Favor is resting upon you and nothing can take that away. You will not be dishonored or put to shame, soon you will forget when you were cast away. From the suffering of unfulfilled longings, I will give you the blessings of having generously more. I will make you laugh again with a life that you adore. 


Let’s move you into your dreams, there is always a way. If you can see the way that you desire your life to be, then you can have it, even today. I will cause things to happen the way that you hope for them to happen. 


I will not leave you wanting, but I will give you the request that you asked for. This is the next level and I am blessing you twice over! I have gifts hiding for you in plain sight, suddenly they will be revealed to light up like Christmas. 


This is where dreams begin! So ready yourself to pass through from the old to new. Believe that you have received it and it will be yours. This is a love story, written with a happy ending just for you!


A surprise is coming to lift you to a place of prosperity and honor. The past is done and the devastation is over. Now you will receive from My hand a different story. It will be more than you anticipated and better than you have dreamed. 


The vows of My love to nourish and support you bloom continuously throughout every season and you can always count on a new leaf to appear. Just have a little faith, it’s going to work out. In fact, it will only get better and better from here. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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