Love Letters

Surprises Happen Every Day


A love letter from the Father



Dear little child, don’t worry about a thing, because nothing bad is going to happen. I give so much attention to the wind, the seedlings, and such things that are rarely ever seen. Of course, I will attend to your needs. I love you and I will give you My best!


ย I am right here with you and I wonโ€™t abandon your dependence on My love. Trust My loving provisions to roll in seamlessly like the ocean waves. Iโ€™ll do all you could want or ask–even above and beyond. Have faith in who I am!


My loving support will never end–itโ€™s infinite! When you feel thirsty or have a need, feel free to drink from the buckets that I have filled. Like the ebb and flow of the moving water from the tide, all that recedes will be refilled with plenty left over.ย 


Waves are a product of the wind and My vows to you are like the steadily blowing sea breeze that moves over the water in one direction to cause unending ripples to form. My promise to love and support you is deeper than the deepest ocean and My faithfulness will never run out.ย 


I will bless you every chance that I get and comfort you daily with surprises of My loving intentions. I will expand My wealth beneath you, like being surrounded and immersed in the deep waters of the ocean.ย 


My blessings are making your life rich–and with true transformation inside and out–youโ€™ll be overflowing with blessings everywhere that you look. Just as waves in deep water are barely noticeable compared to the shoreline, youโ€™ll get so used to an abundance that you will forget what it is like to be in need of help.ย 


Like wave energies that have aligned and risen up large to strike from any direction, many surprises will suddenly happen. I am causing the waves to break and spill over with plenty. The barricades that opposed you are broken and My love is beginning to flood over.ย 


I am lifting you into more as blessings roll in like waves to quench the shore. The underground springs will erupt and the windows of Heaven are being thrown open. I will do good for you! Before you know it, your worries will melt away, as you see that surprises happen every day.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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