Love Letters

You’ll See For Yourself


A love letter from the Father




Don’t worry, I am here to help and you will be shown incredible love! I am present with every move of your life, never missing a beat. I am watching over your concerns and guarding every breath that you take. 


Have no fear before your eyes and rest in My ever-present support to hold you above every worry. Everything has changed and there is nothing that can hurt you. The opposite of what you fear is a promise from Me. 


My love is becoming tangible to displace your fears, with a love far beyond anything that you have ever encountered. You will be completely astounded by My personal love and care. 


I have kept My word, My personal word. I will do exactly as I promised—down to every detail. Finally, I am giving you relief from your enemies. 


I will be with you through each moment and I will blaze down your enemies before you. You’ll be famous from My love pouring through you and the abusive will not afflict you anymore. 


I won’t embarrass you by not showing up, instead, you will experience even bigger blessings than before. I am giving you exactly what you wanted–I won’t hold back! My promises to you are falling into fulfillment like stars filling your hands. 


Think only that your hopes will happen and remind yourself of the promises that I have given. I’ll lift you high and bright, like silver clouds that line the night. You’ll be wrapped in personal love and blessings, as a smile of relief passes over your lips. 


Fear is a burden that you no longer need. This time will be easier than you think, as we effortlessly glide through different shades of blue to embrace the night. Your dreams are being realized and worries will no longer trouble your sleep. 


The nights of crying your eyes out are being transformed into heart-warming laughter. The night will become a bedazzlement of wonder! You will find pure relief from your troubles, like strolling through serene beaches with glittering black sand. 


You will live in the fulfillment of many promises as I pour out the stardust of your dreams. The stars will sing a new song to welcome you to the place where your dreams come to life. Because I love you! 


Plan only the best from Me! You can count on Me to deliver what I promised. Plus there is a bonus! Many gifts are arriving that you never saw coming. I will love you, bless you, and increase you–just as I promised! 


You wouldn’t have believed what I am about to do unless it was revealed and fulfilled before your eyes. I won’t exaggerate! I am showing up to bless you in ways that are unlike anything you have ever seen. You’ll see for yourself! 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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