Love Letters

Turning in Your Favor

A love letter from Jesus



Don’t worry, I’ve got this! My timing is perfect. Just take a deep breath and exhale out your worries.  I will do exactly what I said that I would do. 


I am bringing you immense relief, like being refreshed in a soothing sanctuary. Be completely stress-free, as you cast every worry to Me. Let go of your doubts and have fun. Conquer your fears and decide to make a fresh start. 


Fear is temporary but My love is legendary! I am working wonders that you have never seen and those who know about your life will see the tremendous work that I do for you. 


Listen My darling, don’t judge this time by how it looks. My provisional love and protection will not end, but you will continue to be immersed in more…love, love, love! 


Like flamingos of the Altiplano, that dwell high in the Bolivian Andes, I will bless you in this place that seems unbearable with pressures, like saline water concealed between volcanic pinnacles. 


When the weight of your bow is too heavy, it throws off the accuracy of hitting your target. Release yourself from the pressure and rest in My ever-present support. 


Place My promises above your fears, as you elevate your faith in My intentional and endless love. Exchange your worries for thanksgiving, as you trust Me to fulfill your petitions and longings. 


Only think about positive outcomes and imagine the wonderful fulfillment of those things that you hope for. Trust Me with your heart, I won’t let you down.


My promises are the language of love and I have made this especially for you! You will receive the answer to your prayers! Prayers are coming true–both the old and the new!


You will be exceedingly blessed in this rugged terrain of hardship, like subterranean hidden riches that pour effortlessly into water lagoons for you to consume and enjoy.  


I’m sending demonstrations of My love to you and it will keep getting better! You won’t be disappointed, instead, you’ll end up over the moon! Long-awaited prayers are coming to pass and things are finally turning in your favor. 



Written by Dannette Ward



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