Love Letters

In the Palm of My Hand


A love letter from the Father




Beat the heat of these pressures and find refuge from the war. You are safe in the palm of My hand–and I will protect you! I love you beyond measure, so expect good news. Be optimistic that things will turn out just as you hope.


I am guarding every detail of your life and I have you surrounded in protection on every side. Nothing that you fear will come true and soon you will see that you were worried for nothing at all.ย 


Inhale My peace as you rest in My help. I will put out these fires in a hurry to give you comfort and to help you breathe freely.ย 


My loving-kindness is the perfect complement to your needs and more than enough. I will not allow you to be put to shame or embarrassed, so trust in My love. You can relax as I work on your behalf, like a baby being cuddled, calmed, and gently rocked.ย 


My beautiful one, I have carried you this far and I wonโ€™t let you fall. I will help you, yes, and I will give you what you have been asking for. I am smoothing out these difficulties and exchanging them for pools of peace. You will be honored immensely and dipped in the sweet taste of justice.ย 


You are shielded from every attack and I will save you from every false accusation and hidden trap. Anyone who fights against you will be put to shame, embarrassed, and deeply remorseful. Though you may look for them, they will be no more. No one can harm you, because you are My baby.ย 


Instead of thinking about everything that could go wrong, think about all of the things that could go right. You have favor with God and all people–even your enemies will be a blessing to you! Blessings upon blessings are running like water over your head and into your hands.ย 


You can rest easy, Iโ€™ve got your back! Let your peace and confidence in Me be a clear sign of the downfall of your enemies. I will personally deliver you from every threat and you will feast upon stockpiles of My loving-kindness!ย 




Written by Dannette



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