Love Letters

Falling Stars


A love letter from the Father


It’s been a long long time and I understand that you are worn down and in need of rest. In the whiplash of warfare, it can be hard at times to regain hope and expect the best. Let Me comfort you with some news that you have been needing. 


Everything is going to work out just fine and things will be just as you hope for them to happen. You can ensure My promises to you will be fulfilled and upheld. In fact, you are going to experience the most marvelous freedom that you have dreamed of. 


Don’t lose heart at the size of your need, soon you will see tangible promises falling into fulfillment, like stardust washing up on the shore as pieces of diamonds. After this, there will be no question inside, that I am the One who has given you the power to prosper and thrive. 


Don’t be afraid, I will not disappoint you, nor will I humiliate you with undesirable situations. Let nothing weigh you down. Release the full weight of your fears and worries into My arms. Become weightless, as you free-fall into what I have promised. 


I will hold you up and fulfill My promise. Stay connected to the fulfillment! Celebrate and thank Me, as if you already have it. If you don’t want a bad outcome then don’t think of one and don’t imagine one happening. 


Stay positive and trust Me to answer your prayers. Only think thoughts of hopeful and desired outcomes. Release yourself from the thoughts of fear, because where I am taking you, you won’t need’ em anymore. 


The warfare is finished and My light has broken through the darkness. A brand new day is dawning where the ground beneath your feet is as rich as velvet. 


I am adorning you with the beauty of swift justice and a pivotal change. Yes! I am decorating your onward days with the splendor of rubies and the radical light of promises fulfilled. 


You will indulge in the freedom of plenty, and no one will take what is yours again. I will sharpen My sword to give you justice and I will pay back those who have treated you unfavorably. 


Oh, you are moving higher, like an eagle who is yearning for the sky! I am uncovering astronomical riches and causing your life to be one of the most beautiful of the cosmos. 


Get ready to embrace a kind of love that you have never known! Open your heart to believe, like spreading your wings to rise on hope. Like an eagle, you were born to fly! You’ll get exactly what you hoped for, as I dress you in diamonds. 


Many promises are starting to fall and manifest right into your arms. One after another, wonderful things will begin to happen. Like stars scattered all along the ground–you will see sparkles–everywhere that you look. 





Written by Dannette Ward

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