Love Letters

The Rescue


A love letter from the Father



I know that you love Me with all of your heart because you laid down your plans and desires to trust Me first. You chose to take Me at My word and you followed My voice even when you were afraid and rejected by others.


You trusted in My promises, even when it seemed like you were forgotten. You have endured the ridicule of doubters and those who spit on your name with all kinds of unkind assaults. 


Because you placed Me at the top of your life and you chose to trust Me, even when it hurt, I will bless you and your family in ways that you could never imagine. I have rewards for your toil that you didn’t see coming and I will rescue you as your “ever-present” hero. 


Know that I am working behind the scenes to bless you immensely in ways that far surpass your hopes and expectations. I will materialize My promise–all of the sudden–it will be completed and uncovered. You will drink the rain directly from Heaven and be so delighted. 


I always go ahead of you to part the raging waters. I will fight for you again and lift you above those things that are too big to handle. Those who strive against you will be corrected and embarrassed. Give Me your worries as you sink into My goodness. You will not be disappointed! 


I will provide everything that you need to live comfortably. Don’t worry, can’t you smell the relief coming? Celebrate! Rains of blessings are on the way. I’ll bless you with the tangible support of My love. The skies will pour rain, the clouds will make rivers! 


I’ll make sure that you and your children flourish–like seashells on the sand.  All who know about you will be blessed because you chose to trust Me and believe My promises. A harvest for your faith is piling up and being released. You’ll take in more and more–plenty for you and plenty to share with others! 




Written by Dannette

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