Love Letters

Head for the Heights


A love letter from Jesus



I have traced My fingertips over your tears and I have listened to the sound of your pain-stricken prayers. Allow Me to calm your heart and relieve you of your fears. I will not, I will not, I will not in any way humiliate you or disappoint you. 


I am your true love and your very best friend. My vow to care for your needs and answer your prayers will never end. I am taking you out of the dirt and into your new life. 


One journey ends and a new one begins. The suffering that you have endured is whispering goodbye, as new opportunities rise through the window. The soft, cozy hues will fill up your room, with a tangible love, unlike anything that you have ever known. 


My loving intentions are entwined through every detail of your life to prosper you, not leave you heartbroken or embarrassed. This time is not like the times before. It is important for you to forget those hurts and open up to believe that everything is better than before.


At this point you’ve gotta choose, will you trust in My love or continue to worry? You have nothing to lose. Just take a deep breath and go all in. Release your worries and expect the best outcome.


I will never let you down or fail your place of weakness. I am here–ready to help you! I am setting you on high and saturating you with twice the amount of blessings and honor.


Have faith in Me, remember that I am the one who gives you the power to receive wealth. Is there anything too difficult for the Lord? Let’s head for the heights, as I show you how to live in the next level of elevation. 


The place of your need is soon to disappear without a trace. Like a hug that only a Comforter could give, I am will comfort you and fill you with more and more. I’ll exceed every last request and bless you beyond all expectations.




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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