Love Letters

Listen to My Whisper


A love letter from the Father



Listen to My whisper, like listening to the trees. Hear the sound of My great revealing love, beyond this place of soul-crushing grief. Hear My breathing, like breathing in the mist from the clouds. I am inextricably intertwined with you in the deepest attachment. 


Don’t lose hope just yet. The pressure is drawing up an increase of provisions, like water flowing through the veins of a tree. Your desperate needs are being filled, like a tree that nourishes its other parts that are in need of water. 


The tension of your needs has called out to the roots for assistance and the negative pressures that you have experienced have started a release for more help to be delivered. 


My promise to you is a gift and you do not need to strive to earn it. The beauty of My grace will save the day and you will see things turn out as you wanted. 


A tree in need will pull an increase of water up to the leaves naturally. The leaves are connected to the roots, like the vascular system that carries blood to a human’s body parts to care for every organ. 


Like a tree rooted in promise, you are a conduit of My blessings. The relief that you desperately seek will rise up from My love within. You are blessed to be a blessing and many will be comforted through your experience of knowing My ever-intentional love. 


The trees release tiny droplets of water into the air, creating cloud seeds. The cloud seeds accumulate to form the clouds and the clouds help cool the climate from the scorching sun. In a similar way, your relationship with Me will be a source of significant enrichment for many. 


Rest in My attentiveness to help you. You can be sure that what you have asked of Me will be listened to and acted upon. I will generously provide all that you need–and so much more. The desolate places are transformed into an oasis of tangible goodness. 


My love only expands and you will be filled delightfully with plenty. Starting at the roots and rising to the trunk of the tree, then it will spread out into the branches and the leaves. 


Keep believing for a miracle to occur, My blessings are always connected to you. The pressures that you feel are about to disperse, as you encounter My love falling like rain off the tapered branches to cover the thirsty ground below. 


I can do anything, you know —far more than you can imagine. Listen to My whisper and hear the big raindrops falling from My highest canopy of an abundance. A dream is coming true and I am about to awaken you to bliss that you never knew. 





Scribed by Dannette Lynn

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