Love Letters

Too Big to Forget


A love letter from Jesus



I understand that you hurt, but you’ll be okay. I am walking with you every step of the way, as the old friend that you can always lean on. It won’t be as bad as you fear, in fact, you will love how this all turns out.


I promise to show up and honor every word and I will rescue you as an ever-present help from what you fear. Wherever you go, I am always with you. You will not be ashamed or disappointed, but you will be beaming with love and confidence. 


I am familiar with pain and I am familiar with healing. Put yourself in My hands and rest in My care. I am the End and the Beginning and I will not do you wrong.


Relax into My promises, like experiencing the wonder of gazing upon the stars. My promises to you are like stars that have a powerful ability to absorb and heal away the pain of your hardships. 


You will begin to see things differently after what I do next. I am going to show you My intentional love in a way that you will never forget. 


You will encounter magnificent freedom to live as you have dreamed and you will rise up out of the ashes to behold more beauty than you have ever seen. 


I won’t let you down, My beloved. Lay your head on My shoulders as I relieve you of those worries. Continue to hope for the best. Remember what I have already done for you and this love that you have come to know. 


Stay watching and expecting to see a miracle, like a star shooting across the black velvet sky. This is not over yet, the best is about to arrive! My promises to you are shining over the darkness to fill your hands with surprises and gifts.


I am giving you a story and a legacy to tell the world of how you came face to face with the lover of your soul. This demonstration of My ever-present love for you will be too big to forget and more than you have ever known. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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