Love Letters

Welcome to Better


A love letter from the Father


Slow down for a minute and take a deeper breath. Calm your racing heart and silence the worrisome thoughts. Tell yourself that you will be okay and remember My promise to always supply what you need. 


You are safe and cared for. I have sheltered you in My promises and you will find ultimate joy the fulfillment. My vow to love and support you will never end. Don’t worry about what you could lose, but get excited about the increase that has opened up to you! 


You are far from any trouble—there is nothing to fear! I will step in to show you the tender-kindness of My covenant love. My promises are fused to you as one and there will never be a time when they fail to show up. 


Indulge in the beauty of letting go and swim away from all of those fears and doubts. Like s stingray moving his body like a wave to fly through the sea, release yourself from the heavy worries and needs and roll the full weight of those burdens upon Me.


I promise with an oath to answer your prayers, all you have to do is believe without a doubt that you will receive. Rest in the fulfillment and it will be done. 


All things are possible for the one who believes! Become infused with My joy, as you realize that I have granted your petition. What you have endured has come to an end. You no longer belong in this place of tears, struggle, and not enough. 


You are moving into better, where you will feel the warm comforts of My love constantly washing over you. I will deliver beauty out of the chaos, in the place where different waters collide.


I will open the door to fulfilling your prayers and the pain of your past will vanish to nothing. It will be more than a door, but a change of season. Big things are coming and you’ll be so surprised! 


I will surely bless you and I will surely multiply you–above and beyond all that you are hoping. Beauty is unfolding for you to enjoy, where white sand disappears beneath the endless waves of turquoise water. 


This new beginning will be full of comfort, like the dream landscape of an emerald sea. You’ll behold the beauty of the clouds above the storm, full of saturated hues and skies that drip goodness like golden silk.


I will personally open up My storehouses to you, where you will be satisfied and relaxed from a great expanse of water. You’ll recline in the peace of encountering My personal love beside islets, where palm trees grow one next to another. 


I’ll fly you into the open blue, where dreams come true. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and embrace freedom. I’ll submerge you with more and help you explore the bottomless depths of a rich abundance. 


I’ll show you new places of hidden wealth and you will feel completely satisfied and wanting nothing. There’s more coming to help you, truckloads more than what you even knew or considered. 






Written by Dannette

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