Love Letters

Beauty Under the Stars


A love letter from the Father



This time is like the phase of a new moon, it is the change that you cannot see. The new moon rises in the daylight but appears absent in the night, as the bright side of the moon faces away from the Earth. The new alignment causes the moon to be too close to the sun for its presence to be seen with the human eye.ย 


Despite the dark and foreboding fears of getting hurt like before, things are much different than they look. Let nothing trouble you, let nothing make you afraid, I have covered you in My promises, like being surrounded by stars in the night.ย 


The darker the night becomes the brighter the stars will glisten and shine. The pain that you have experienced before has ended. You will eventually forget the suffering that took place. Like a moon without a planet drifting through space, soon those memories will disappear without a trace.ย 


See beyond the dread of the past happening again, like gazing up at the great expanse of stars that twinkle in the opaque night. In the presence of daunting memories of the incomparable sufferings, the glittering stars are brighter than they have ever been.


My love heals all wounds. Instead of repeating the anguish of how things have been, you will be bathed in new beauty, like stepping into a dream. The past is gone. Itโ€™s time to move on to the next chapter of elated freedom and turn the page from the troubles that you have known.ย 


Laugh when you feel depressed because the change that you have cried out for has already come. I wonโ€™t let you down, instead, My Sovereign word will deliver more prosperity than you have ever seen before.


A special occasion is going to happen for you, as I take out the old and bring in the new. Have high expectations in this season of extraordinary change and rest in the outcome that you hope for.ย 


Like connecting the dots of the swan constellation, I am adorning you with tangible beauty under the stars. I will make everything beautiful around you and there will be much, much more.


New beginnings have arrived and you will be immersed with spectacular beauty under the glittering stars. Beauty will be a healing balm for your soul, in this time when I refresh and restore.


I have attached you to the manifestation of My words, like binding together a cluster of stars. My love has no limit and I am opening up to you an unrestrained life of being exceedingly blessed! Love always grows more and more.ย 


Like a swan that grows more beautiful with age and time, I am going to cause your blessings to multiply and shine. I will bring things into place that you asked of Me and I will deliver surprises that you never saw coming.ย 


Iโ€™ll show you a trillion little blessings and the best of everything else. Sooner than you hoped or thought– youโ€™ll see My personal love fulfilling your prayers–sprinkled over every detail of like stardust.




Written by Dannette

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