Love Letters

You Won’t See It Coming


A love letter from Jesus


I am not unaware of your need for help. You are not forgotten or going through these troubles all by yourself. I am with you and loving you through each and every step. I will show up to take care of you, even though you cannot see it yet.


Even when everything changes and you are surrounded by chaos, My promise to love and support you will never stop existing nor fail to become tangible whenever you need it.


My love is always present and ready to help you. There is not a moment of your life that I do not know about. I have already planned for everything, to be the stable support that you prayed about.


Trust that My promise is true and that I am always present to show up for you. Let go of all doubts and fears–once and for all. Relax your defenses and allow yourself to sink into My loving arms.


Your need is the place where your blessings will flow in an abundance! My explosive power will pour out of your weakness and My wonderful favor surrounds you wherever you go.


Stay light on your toes as you trust that I have everything under control. Twirl into what I have promised and enjoy My peace as you dance upon the clouds. A surprise is coming to show you how much you are loved and treasured!


You will begin to sense the deepness of My heart entwined with every detail of your life. I am going to comfort you with extra experiences of My love to protect you from any fear coming into existence.


You will see displays of My intentional affections everywhere that you look–like hundreds of red roses deliberately placed in every cranny and nook.


Amazing things can happen when you least expect them. Out of the blue, I will show up to deliver a miracle for you. I will overwhelm you with a gift from My personal love. It will be such a relief and you won’t see it coming!


Written by Dannette Ward


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