Love Letters



A love letter from the Father



No more weeping or despair, My little darling. Lay your head upon My shoulder and come even closer. Rest securely in My arms as you are held, nourished, and comforted. I will always be with you to provide you with help and sustenance.


I said what I said–and I meant it! I have made a covenant with you–a promise that cannot be broken in two. You can rely on My enduring presence and support. I also promised with an oath to give you the answer to whatever you asked. 


The pain and agonizing experience from before is being reversed. This time things will turn out according to your prayers. The opposite of your fears is a promise. Love is fear in reverse and I am surrounding this time in love, love, and more love! 


There are no restrictions to what I can do and there are no limitations this time for you. Pick the best and I will prepare it for you. I will demonstrate My personal and devoted love in an abundance. The answer to your prayers will come pain-free and it will be early! 


Stay with Me and believe it will be. Have confidence in your prayers! I have spread out a table of gigantic provisions for you; despite the attacks and My wrath will pursue those oppositions that you have. 


Pull out every weed of impossibility and you’ll be left with so many rose petals of possibilities! My love conquers all things and there is nothing that can drown it out. 


Give Me your request and then rest in the celebrated outcome. Your hopes will be done just as you prayed them. Don’t imagine the worst outcome, but imagine your highest hopes coming to the surface. Touch the joy of fulfillment and feel the abundance of excitement.


Get ready to be embraced with the sweet taste of My promise! Declare what you desire by faith and decree My blessings over your life. There is hidden water in your mouth and I will cause fountains of love to suddenly spring up into your hands. 


I’ve never quit loving you and never will. You will be refilled and comforted–again and again. You can count on My faithful protection and loving provision to remain constant, always! 


I will rain down prosperity on you and peace in an abundance. You’ll be drenched with early rains of blessings and loving comfort. You will receive all that you need and even more than you expect!


You’ll find this to be an experience of joy! There will be no more thorns or thistles, but bouquets of roses and giant sequoias. 


My love is breaking through barriers and the pain that you experienced before is being reversed. There are more and more good things to come and you’ll be so surprised! 





Written by Dannette Ward

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