Love Letters

Without Limits


A love letter from the Father



Easy now, there is nothing to fear. I will save you from those troubles and be a helping hand when you need it. You can count on Me to handle everything. I will continuously comfort you–even when you aren’t looking.Β 


Tell your heart to be calm and know that I am not going to hurt you. Let’s find a quiet, secluded place away from all of those distractions. Rest in My promise and just be there. I know what you need–even better than you.


How can you be troubled with all of My love always watching over you?Β  I will never leave you helpless or fail to support you. Instead, I will attend to your needs and deliver relief from the pain and torment.Β 


I will do just as I promised and I will come through. I’m right here to bless you–and nothing can change that. I’ll take care of you completely.Β 


Are you ready to go limitless? Because I am about to surprise you! So cut away the worry and change your focus. Think about what you hope for coming true and not the negative things that are nagging you.Β 


Be strong as you remember My promise and stay in a place of rest as you believe it. It’s okay to let go of your worries because I will protectively care for you.Β 


Loosen your shoulders and settle your thoughts into something positive. Be carefree in My care, like a bird that is unfettered and not tied down. With absolute abandonment and complete trust–be one with My promises.Β 


All that you need has been freely given. Do not focus on lack or limitation, there is an ocean of abundance within you. My promise to you will produce all of the fruit that you need with plenty left over.Β 


You will shine with radiant joy as you see My promise spring forth. Like the apple seeds that dissolve into the earth to cause the fruit tree to emerge, Those needs and problems will disappear and the biggest blessings will appear.


I’ll show you a life without limits. You will enjoy fruits in an abundance and indulge in many good things.Β 


A Lucy Glo apple has skin that glows with an orange hue, because of the pink and red color of the apple flesh bursting through. In the same way, the beauty of My love-promises within you will come out and you will encounter the sweetness of My ever-present help.Β 


You will taste My goodness for yourself and you will see that there was nothing to be worried about. Blessings will come easier than a dream! All that you need will show up, like delicious ripe apples that fall from the tree and right into your hands.Β 






Scribed by Dannette

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