Love Letters

You Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Before


A love letter from the Father




Slow down, there’s no need to hurry. Rest under My care and I will refresh you for your journey. Don’t be afraid of where this path will lead. Certainly, go ahead, you are surrounded by My impenetrable and impassible security. 


Make the commitment to follow My plan, even when I take you out of the place of comfort that you have. Trust Me to direct you and safeguard you at all times. I will never relax My hold of extraordinary love upon your life. 


Believe Me, when I say, I am with you every step of the way. I will never abandon you, no, not ever. I will raise you up into unfathomable heights and you will be protected by My all-powerful strength, whose power no enemy can withstand. 


Believe in My goodness as you rest and roam in My faithfulness to you. Put your confidence in who I am for you, as you fall slowly into the abandonment of My promise. 


Because you have set your heart on Me, I will save you and defend you passionately. I will prove you to be right in My eyes and I will surprise you with all of your heart desires! Do you think that you have seen it all?


Just wait as I reveal My personal love for you in indescribable ways! Prepare yourself to be swept off of your feet by My extensive and all-encompassing affections. I am going to show you a love that far extends anything that you have ever known. No, My little darling, you haven’t seen anything like this before! 






Scribed by Dannette Ward

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