Love Letters

Watch and See What I Do!


A love letter from the Father




My dear, precious child. I have carried you through the wilderness and through so many difficult things. I will not abandon you now, when you need Me, and depend on My help. My promise to you is unconditional and it will remain active no matter what.


I am committed to loving you and I will never allow you to fall. Expect more and more love to become tangible, like gifts that fill up your arms. My promise will continuously pour out, like the effortless flow of a waterfall.Β 


Watch and see what I do for you, as we turn this battle around. Make room for a whole life change–you are going to love what is new! Your life will become all that you dream and everything will be different. You’ll sit back and enjoy the fruit–as I deliver this harvest.Β 


Never settle into the limitations of nature. Exchange your worries for gratitude and embrace the joy that your prayer has been done. Connect to the prayer request as if it was already accomplished, like a floating dream of peace in the placid waters of pure fulfillment.Β 


Trust in your heart and rest the outcome that you hope to be done. You can have what you pray when you believe by faith. Stay present in the fulfillment as if it were here and allow your attention to be aware of the wonderful bliss that you feel.Β 


Think about finally obtaining what you have desired to be, like a dream where your whole world is wrapped in a promise. Don’t shrink in fear during the time that you wait. The fulfillment will suddenly appear, like a sapphire blue sea that emerges out of the potent darkness.Β 


Surrender to My love and don’t surrender to the fear. I will pile blessings upon you and make you so happy with a smile. Stay empowered by hope–I will be extra generous with you–because I love you so much.Β 


Relax into My arms, as I far exceed anything that you have ever known. I am turning back time as if not a single day has passed. I’ll make everything good as new to bring you incredible bliss.Β 


The answers to your prayers will flow to you like waves of blessings rolling in from the sea. You’ll be enriched completely and in awe of the blessings that I pour out. Word will get out of all that I have done for you and many will come to know My endless love for themselves.Β 






Written by Dannette

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