Love Letters

You Will Always Be Blessed


A love letter from the Father




Plan on things turning out just as you hoped and planned. Go forward in full confidence, because I am with you as a powerful support and faithful Friend. I will never withdraw My promise from you nor will I ever withhold My love.ย 


Run into My arms unafraid, I will fulfill all of the vows that I made. I am right here beside you, to comfort your needs and restore you with more. Wipe away the tears from your eyes and prepare to soar into the freedom that you crave and desire.ย 


Trust that you have got it! I will save you from your fears and protect you from harm. I will comfort you and empower you in the midst of distress and the threats of calamity and war. I will be a safe harbor for you to recline and a strong wall to hold back the beating rains and whirlwind of lies.ย 


I know about your need–even before you sigh. I will continue to bless you with miracles of My love. I will move in ways that leave you speechless and you won’t know how or why. I”ll amaze you as I express My love to you in ways that far exceed anything that you have ever known–or ever hope to know.ย 


Donโ€™t look down with dread about what lies ahead, but keep your hopes full and expectant with joy. My promises to you are Sovereign and unbreakable. There is nothing that can stop Me from delivering what I have shown you.ย 


I am with you everywhere that you go and I will plow down your enemies before you. You wonโ€™t have to fight anymore, nor will be you be afflicted in the ways that you have always known. I am giving you peace from your enemies and rest on all sides.ย 


Now I am making you greatly respected and you will no longer be considered the least or the helpless in other people’s eyes. I will put on a full display of My love as I set you on top of the world.



You will be seated safely in the place of your dreams and I will keep you free from your enemies. I am going to make amazing things happen for you! No matter what happens, you will always be blessed, sheltered, and so much more.ย 




Written by Dannette

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