Love Letters

On the Rise


A love letter from the Father



My dear one, I understand that life has often been cruel and you have faced the crushing weight of disappointments and setbacks. Yet don’t worry, the page is turning and this is the light at the end of the tunnel. 


Lay your head upon My shoulders and come to a complete rest as I comfort you from the past anguish. Open your heart for deeper breathing and relax your chest. 


Allow Me to give you a new perspective. The storms were only short in passing and they caused several flowers of promise to bud forth and open up. 


You can put your guard down now, I am giving you the very best. Open your heart to trust in My love and believe that things can be different than before. 


Keep your hopes high and allow your faith to trust in the miracle power of My devoted love. Allow your faith to wrap around My promises and trust that I am doing what I said.  


Even in the uncertain time of not knowing what will happen, keep looking up for the most sudden and incredible view. Here when you least suspect it, an iridescent rainbow of promise will be shining through. 


There is something special riding in on the wind, an instant change that you will be thrilled about! It will be better than you thought and I will deliver far more than you could imagine for yourself. 


Let Me give you a glimpse of what is on the other side of this place where you have been hesitant and reluctant to hope. 


You’ll experience abounding beauty as the water level starts to rise. Gentle and refreshing pools will bubble up from under your roots. You’ll be transported into a world of wonder, where childhood dreams dance into life. 


You can be certain that I will answer your prayers, even though you cannot see it yet. Have confidence in what you hope for–that is faith! Your faith is an assured confirmation that the things you hope for have been Divinely granted. 


You don’t have to spend all of your concentration trying to make this happen. Don’t even worry about it at all. Just let go and trust Me to cause you to fly into the hoped-for fulfillment. 


The clouds over your head are like crops filled with the rains of an abundant harvest. It will be so special and sweet and you’ll sleep like a baby under the care of My ever-personal love. 


I’ll show up with a special surprise to put your name up on the map! You’ll become known for the gigantic size of your blessings and for your dependency upon My promise. 


Yes–I’ll do just as I promised and I won’t let you down. I am transporting you into a new world entirely where the flowers blossom enormously with breathtaking and vibrant foliage. 


You are not going to suffer in the ways of the past. You are on the rise and there is no more looking back. I will delight you with My comfort and tickle your heart with joy. 


I am bringing you into a time of ease. I will refresh you from the weariness with calm flowing streams and I will heal your wounds under the soothing warmth of plenty in a clear blue sea. 


You coming back from the wilderness with a harvest of sweet bananas, figs, and black sapotes. I will make up for the pain that you felt with twice the blessings from My hands. 


Just when you think that it couldn’t get any better—I’ll amaze you with an out-of-this-world surprise. Keep your hopes up, because you never know what kind of unexpected gift will show up. 






Written by Dannette Ward

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