Love Letters

Good News is Coming Your Way


A love letter from Jesus




Take it easy and relax, like reclining on a boat that gently drifts along. It’s going to be okay–I have everything handled! Climb on board and allow Me to take you to a uniquely beautiful place out beyond the farthest ocean depths. 


Get ready for a trip that you will never forget, as I take us quickly into the pristine waters of exquisite fulfillment. I will show you the abundance of the deep sea and fill your hands with materialized prayer requests.


Don’t even worry, this is not like the past times. You will not be heartbroken or disappointed as before. I am providing more than enough–fullness with an overflow. 


Find a jumping point as we launch off to the places that have been uncharted. Cast your fear, worries, and burdens upon Me as you move deeper into trusting My promise.


You’re going to take in a fantastic catch full of big game fish from the greatest depths. Rest in the outcome that you delight to have, as you abide in knowing you are endlessly loved. 


I am your Husband–the Maker of your dreams and your Home. Use plenty of hope and don’t be shy–answering your prayers with an abundance is a way that I love to honor My bride. 


Immerse your thoughts into the bubbling joy of obtainment and don’t count Me out. My love is limitless–even more than the deep seas of alluring waters. I will provide generously with plenty to choose from. 


I will immensely do more than your highest request, your most outrageous dream! You’ll reel in more than you expect–like discovering the most desired fish in the pelagic ocean zones. 


Well…you’ve waited…and the line is about to jerk. What you have been waiting for is coming to light–it’s starting to rise! You will soon see the wonders of the sunless expanse, as you encounter My love in a whole new way. 


I’ll exceed your most elaborate imagination with an enormous marlin or a gleaming Dorado. Prepare for an unexpected mystery fish–good news is coming your way–with an unforeseen surprise. 





Scribed by Dannette

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