Love Letters

Out of the Blue


A love letter from Jesus



Calm your heart, My beloved one. There is no need to be afraid or worried about what could come. Don’t believe the threats of suffering or the worries of undesirable things that could take place.


Just the opposite is what you can expect, as I gently and consistently show you My protective and loving support.


Once again, I will show you how much you are loved. I will continue to deliver comfort until you are no longer troubled or feeling nervous. I  will always satisfy you with good things and express My devoted love each and every day. 


Lay the distracting concerns into My care and let what I have spoken dwell in your senses until it is all that captivates your attention. My plans are always good. 


Sit here and listen to the rhythm of My heart and lay your life back into My hands. Relax your mind from dread and trust in how attentive I am to care for all that matters to your heart. 


Trust Me to be your Refuge from afflictions and the One who protects you from enemy attacks. I will keep a close eye on you and tuck you away safely from every fear taking place.


Cheer up and expect all things to be better than you think. Nothing can take away the promises of love that I have made. My love is invincible facing danger and no foul plan from the enemy can quench it out. 


The floods could never drown My infinite love and there is no amount of pounding rain that could ever put it out. No matter what–My promise to you remains–you always have a victory! 


Hold My words close to your heart and don’t for a moment forget My vows. There are very good things emerging for you–so think only that your hopes are coming true! 


These things will turn out to be far better than you are expecting. Oh yes! I will give you an outcome that you will love, instead of what you are dreading. I will respond to your cries with My all-generous love and a bounty of beauty. 


You’ll be so awed as I move on your behalf to do immensely more than you even dared to ask. Beauty is streaming into your life, like water pouring off the mountains with the best there is the offer. 


You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the satisfaction of My unending love in action. I’ll surprise you at a time when don’t think it could happen. I will suddenly surprise you with your prayers coming true–out of the blue. 





Scribed by Dannette



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