Love Letters

Utterly Unexpected


A love letter from Jesus




Take your mind off of all of these things that cause you to fret and worry. Everything is not as it seems. Don’t get lost in a moment of the darkness, when you cannot see what will happen or how things will be.


I’m telling you, My beloved treasure, don’t panic. I am always right here to help you. Like the sun that rises each morning, My unbreakable support and genuine compassion will always be there for you. My vow to always richly provide for you is endless.  


Although your life has not been like everyone else, don’t feel bad about how it seems. Things are now turning and I will make up for the struggle and heartache.


I pulled you out from the world so that I could personally bless you and show you the sincerity of My intentional love. You are set apart like chocolate diamonds and you’ll be drenched in blessings beyond your wildest hopes.


The promises that I have made for you are worth more than gold dust. Everything that is Mine is always yours. I will support you with My own hand and everything will come effortlessly. 


You are rooted deep in My love and My promises to you are more prosperous than anything else. The wealth on the inside is coming out like chocolate cosmos blossoming out. 


I want to reassure you that I’ve got your back. I will always answer your prayers. Be still and inhale a deep abiding peace, everything will turn out just as you hope. You’ll see! 


This time for you is like a harvest of sweet chocolate cosmo flowers, one of the most peculiar and rare flowers of the world. Everything and anything can be done! 


A chocolate cosmo only grows from the roots. Rest in My love, like relaxing your roots deep into the watery soil. Allow My promises to be the only object that captures your attention. 


The deeper you go in trust, the higher you will rise up. If you stay rested in Me, whatever you ask for will be done. 


I have made this season special! You will encounter My personal love in wonderful ways. You will be met with miracles that no man can reproduce. I have drawn you close to Me to wrap you in My healing love to help you recover from the former disappointments and hardships. 


This season will be like walking through a private garden of answered prayers–like being surrounded by chocolate cosmo flowers, with velvety reddish-brown flowers and a rich chocolate scent. 


In order for your prayers to happen, you must believe that they can and will. Bathe yourself in fresh faith and wash away the toxins of negative thinking. Believe in what you pray for and live as though it has already happened.


Before you even pray, believe that you have received. Remember, what seems impossible to you is possible with Me. This is a brand new beginning! Be courageous to believe that I will fulfill your request. 


Imagine walking through the answer to your prayers, as you inhale the wafting aroma of chocolate flowers floating through the air. 


Stay thankful, as you believe that you have received the fulfillment. Sometimes your mind must reach your desire before your feet do. Keep your thoughts rooted in what I promised and rest deeply in being loved and provided for.


Yet again, you will sink down your roots and raise up delicious fruit. I am on your side! Come and lift up with Me and experience the depths of My generosity! I have given you no restrictions. Sit in the place of My loving abundance and rest in the infinite possibilities of ultimate freedom. 


Like snow quietly stacking upon the window, there are blessings arriving that you won’t hear coming. I’ll cause your childhood dreams to take flight as I carry you through the sweet gardens of delight. You’ll be awakened to love–unlike anything you’ve ever known! 


I am picking you up and elevating you in ways you won’t expect. You are rising to the front and being placed in an honorable position. I am going to give you a special boost to cause you to feel rested, confident, and secure. 


Like a black sapote fruit that appears to be past its time when ripe, but then you are pleasantly surprised to find that tastes like chocolate pudding. Approach this time with an open mind and remember I have zero limitations. Nothing is as it seems.


There are riches all around you, ready to be seen. I’m turning metal into gold and the despair of coal into bronze chocolate diamonds for you to be exquisitely adorned. I’m breaking down the blockades of withholding to cause the floods of blessing to arrive overflowing. 


I’m opening up enormous doors just for you. You’ll be sought out by opportunities that will completely surprise you! I will show up with the fulfillment of your prayers and there will be something extra-rich and utterly unexpected that you didn’t see coming. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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