Love Letters

The Bounce Back


A love letter from the Father



Take heart, I am on your side. Change is happening without delay, as your pain is replaced with blessings. Like torrential rains that fall without warning, I am washing away the troubles and leaving you with relief and extra comfort.


Every moment has been working to bless you. All of the anguish, warfare, and struggle that you have endured has prepared you for this rising moment. Twice the comfort is being delivered to take the place of each and every heartache. 


Your life will start to feel like a dream, as honor and beauty replace shame and discomfort. The wealth that flows from My name is replacing every need and hardship. I will pour bountifully to you. There will be more than you need and everything will be covered. 


The negative things in your life are floating away and the blessings that I have given to you are taking full shape. You are going to encounter My personal love from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head!


In all of the change, My vows to you are always unchanging. You can depend on My promise to emerge–again and again–and there will be no stopping it! Rest in My promises as things start to move and smile as you remember, that you will always receive My loving support. 


You’ll see that these things go better than you think! My plans for you are for peace–not chaos– and to give you the outcome that you are hoping to have. Take a deep breath and refocus into a place of receiving My intentional love. 


What would it be like? Just imagine! Prepare yourself for what you prayed for and get ready to feel the immensity of relief. Believe that you have already received it and it is yours. Leave behind the uncertainty and step into the gratitude of knowing it has been done. 


You’ll walk through that experience that you have been dreaming to have. The thing that you have asked Me for is opening up. Make room and get ready– I can’t hide it anymore! 


There is a beautiful new life waiting for you! Remember where you started and My promise to raise you up. You are moving higher than you think as I comfort you from your afflictions. 


The movement of your rise is bringing the swift downfall of those who have been against you. Justice is being served, don’t worry. Did not I tell you–that I would favor you and cause you to be exceedingly blessed? 


The pain that that pulled you back is pushing you forward into a harvest of love, abundance, and honor. Your whole life is going to change and be much better. Don’t be afraid of the change, this is your bounce back. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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