Love Letters

Everything You Hoped For


A love letter from the Father



I understand that it hurt to be attacked when you were tired and barely able to put one foot in front of another. However, I am delivering relief and you’ll no longer be kicked around or left wanting. 


Relax, those things that you have worried about are out of the picture. I am your Father–and I will help you! Refresh your memory of all that I have done and all that I have promised. 


Oh My little darling, don’t you see that things are changing and I am drawing you into wide-open places-of always having plenty? I am inviting you to use this time to feast at My table as I ladle your life with blessings. 


Out of everything that is possible, what is your heart’s desire? I will far surpass that longing with delight as I lift you beyond the steepest hills and above the cumulous clouds. This is a change of seasons, the darkness will suddenly dissipate and out of nowhere–and it will feel like Christmas morning.


Don’t allow doubt to weigh you down, the opposite of what you fear coming true is a promise. Beauty begins with love, so count on My love to become tangible and not what you dread or worry about. 


Allow me to spare you the stress and unhappiness that comes with worry. My plans are to give you the outcome that you hope to have. You’ll be relieved as you see it sprout up–and experience–the blessing that your heart was hoping for. 


Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. Then, rest confidently in what you hope to happen. Hope is something that changes everything and creates beauty out of nothing. 


Put all of your weight– thoughts, will, and emotions–into hope. Your hope will expand and emerge into the tangible outcome of faith fulfillment. You’ll see countless displays of My intentional love, as I replace the outlook of every fear.


Love overcomes all oppositions and I will make sure that what you asked for will happen. From the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, you are protected by My intentional love. 


I can pour out blessings and gifts in astonishing ways so that you are always overflowing every day. I am giving you enormous favor! The hope that you have planted will be returned as blossoming flowers–oh how they will be returned! 


I will meet you with blessings of good things, as My exclusive gift to you. I am changing your troubles into the outcome of your hope and expectation. You’ll learn to live freely and lightly as you hold and treasure your fulfilled heart desires. 


I am highly protective over you and I will always move above and beyond to relieve your pain and make you happy. And now, I will do it again. I will show up as your most helpful Friend! 


This is a time when anything and everything can happen. Expect the unexpected, as I deliver everything you hoped for. You can count on a blessing! Enjoy this time of tangible hope and soak in the goodness. 






Scribed by Dannette Ward

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